Respect the Horn, Respect Life.

This all began with a nickname my surfing buddies gave me, they call me "Rhino".

My name is Todd Burton and I am the Creative Director behind @rhinosurfer & @respectthehorn - both Instagram based social media campaigns designed to create awareness and action toward saving the world's endangered Rhino's and doing good.

When Hurricane Sandy hit home on the Jersey Shore I was fortunate to be largely unaffected the devastation and loss all around was like nothing I had ever personally seen. I got involved with a local volunteer group to help on some local projects and cleanup. The synergy of this group lead to new friends and experiences and ultimately the Best Day Foundation.

It was also within this group of mostly surfers that I earned my nickname "Rhino" and during that time that I learned about the atrocities of poaching the rhinos were being subjected to. With this awareness also came a mindfulness of other human and animal rights issues.

If you are reading this I hope that you will join my tribe and or start your own, help me be better, share your passion and please help me share mine. Our world and all the diverse life - human, animal & plant is in desperate need. With almost 5,000 critically endangered plant and animal species we must act now.

This effort is about creating awareness with the believe that awareness helps to shift value systems in a way needed for change to occur.

We are sharing both sides of the issue, the ugly and the inspiring. And while we wish there was no ugly side to show, we know if we don't show that side it won't come to an end.

We need people to notice and recognize the issue, recognize the issue to talk about it, share about it, and do something. 

What can be done? Join an organization, donate, utilize your social media, "wear something that matters" and purchase something from the @rhinosurfer capsule collection at

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." ~Native American Proverb

Let's go together, for a better world and a better life.